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Sonic Fabric- fishman rhythm dress ("the musical suit")

by r0770058 — last modified Mar 30, 2010 06:29 PM
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n 2003 i was commissioned to make a dress for jon fishman out of "sonic fabric", a textile woven from recycled audiocassette tape. for the project jon lent me his entire tape collection, and i went about sampling snippets of his favorite stuff: sun ra, zeppelin, hendrix, prince, etc. from this collection of samples i made a 4 layer deep collage, which i recorded onto reels of tape before weaving the fabric from which i made the dress. sonic fabric is made audible by running a tape head along its surface. for this show, jon was fitted with a special pair of tape head gloves. since jon and i both seemed to have a penchant for orange donuts, i made the "musical suit" an exact replica of the dress he traditionally wore on stage. this video of the intro to "love you" from the vegas show in 2003 was provided by an anonymous fan (THANK YOU!!). for more information, please see my other websites,,, and ... (


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