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threadbanging bus design

by gaugele — last modified Jan 14, 2010 04:25 PM

by knitta please the threadbangers Knitta is a group of anonymous knitters who leave graffiti on monuments, utility poles, and other public items in the form of knitted yarn and other prepared textiles. Started in 2005 by two women tagging the Houston metropolitan area, Knitta grew to eleven members. Up to a dozen groups internationally have followed their lead. Knitta has been invited to show their art in Los Angeles, Paris, China, Australia. Knitta members AKrylik and PolyCotN founded the group in October 2005 as a way to deal with frustration over their own unfinished projects, such as half-knitted sweaters. It started with a doorknob cosy for the front door of PolyCotN's Houston boutique.

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